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Carmela and Tanya have both established reputations as singer/songwriters, each building a substantial following. "Radio-
Free Carmela and the Transmitters" released their CD, "Americana Tourister," in 2007. Tanya Radtke released her solo CD, "Begin," in 2008. Passerine was formed in 2009 as an opportunity to explore a variety of traditional and contemporary acoustic music, and because Carmela and Tanya love to sing together. Apart, they have distinctive and powerful voices. Together, their harmonies have been described as "magical." Their harmonies are inventive and compelling.

With the addition of Sara Stovall, the group has entered a new phase of musical development. In addition to her fiddle, Sara brings a third voice to the vocal harmonies, as well as taking over the lead vocal on occasion.

Since Sara joined the group last April, the group has been enjoying revisiting their entire repertoire, building new arrangements that that take advantage of the third harmony part as well as the interplay between fiddle and dobro. The goal is always to keep it simple, in search of an acoustic sound that is clean and compelling, that has both purity and depth, and that adds new musical layers to the tradition of the singer/songwriter.




David Brain (resonator guitar)

Carmela Pedicini (vocals, guitar)

Tanya Radtke (vocals, guitar)

Sara Stovall (vocals, violin)

David Baker (upright bass)


Past and Honorary Passerines:

Miles Tweed (upright bass)



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